Cybersecurity Exit Ticket

3. Identify 3 cybersecurity vocabulary words you learned and define each one.

Phishing, DDoS, and Social Engineering.

Phishing - Tricking a person into giving away their personal and sensitive information.
DDoS - Denial of Service Attack; Where hackers send fake web traffic to shut down a website or server.
Social Engineering - Tricking a person into thinking something is the real deal, so that they for example could get credit card information.

2. What are two steps you can take to try to protect your digital information?

a. Make secure passwords, and change them on a regular basis.
b. Use good anti-virus software, not the cheap and crap ones.

1. Name one thing you can look for in an e-mail to determine if it's a phishing scheme.

a. If you see that they are asking you to either send money or even it seems off to you, it is probably a phishing scheme.